Sun & Citrine - a Beltane Spell

This is such a beautiful ritual to shed the last heavy layers of winter and call in new energy to your every cell from the infinite source that is the Sun.

A piece of Citrine
A sunny spot outside on bare earth/grass, if it is available to you. It's ok if you don't, this ritual will still work.


Gather your items and find the spot in which your ritual will take place. If you wish to create sacred space or draw circle here before you begin, do so - this is your magick, your way.

Kneel on the ground, giving yourself a moment of stillness to draw in some deep breaths. Place both hands on the ground and let yourself really feel any heaviness, exhaustion, tiredness, or whatever emotions may be ailing you. Let everything you've brought to the forefront of your consciousness swirl around inside of you, loosening it from resting place, then direct it all down your arms, through your hands in to the ground, draining it completely from your body. If you cannot put your hands directly on to the ground, simply envisage what you are draining moving through the layers upon which you have your hands, down, down in to the earth.
**Please take the time to learn the name of, and acknowledge the land on which you place your hands (for example, I am on Bangerang Country), thanking the earth and Elders passed for receiving your unwanted energy. Consider a gift of water or energetic healing, or whatever you feel appropriate to pay respect to, and deepen connection with the land.

Turn to face the sun now, feel its warmth and brightness soaking through you from your crown to your toes, channeling the infinite energy in to you until you feel as though it has filled your whole body, shining in every crease and shadow. As you feel the suns power, imagine yourself energetic, buoyant, and joyful, powerful, awake, and alive - however it is that you want to feel more of, really draw it in to your self now.

Hold the piece of citrine up, pulling the sun in to the stone to charge it until it too feels full.
If you feel drawn to, recite the following, or something in your own words that feels good to you.

Now energised, this stone of sun,
So too shall I energised become
Strength and light, vibration risen
Passed through to me, this power given

Think of the citrine now as a battery, you may even be able to feel its vibrations have grown stronger. Carry it with you when you feel as though you're in need of an energy boost.

Repeat this ritual whenever you feel yours or the citrine energy is lacking.